University sex week features free vibrator giveaway, 'Sex Jeopardy,' 'Condom Bingo'

  • UW-La Crosse is hosting a “sexual health week,” which includes workshops about “LGBTQ+” sex education and “consent."
  • There will also be a lesson about “clitorial masturbation” including free vibrator giveaways.

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, sponsored by Planned Parenthood and UW-La Crosse’s Department of Psychology, will be hosting a “Sexual Health Week” Thursday night, complete with a discussion of “clitoral masturbation.”

According to a schedule of events, the week includes an event called “Teach-In: Clitoral Masturbation and Free Vibrator Giveaway,” where students can “engage in a conversation about clitoral masturbation, dealing with stigma, and empowerment. First 40 attendees will receive a free vibrator,” according to the event announcement. 

"First 40 attendees will receive a free vibrator."   

Other events featured during the week include a session hosted by Planned Parenthood, called “Breakfast & Birth Control,” where students receive free food and “information about birth control.”

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The week of events is co-sponsored by UW-La Crosse’s Student Life, Student Health Center, Campus Activities Board, and Department of Psychology, among others. The event is also sponsored by various student groups such as the College Feminists.

The week will feature a workshop called “Flashback Friday to High School Sex Ed." According to the event description, the workshop will feature “LGBTQ+ Sex Education." Students are encouraged to “come to this workshop to fill in the gaps in LGBTQ+ sex education, discuss the importance of inclusive curriculum, and learn about the policies that dictate what is taught in public schools.

Students are also invited to participate in a variety of sex-themed games, such as “Sex Jeopardy!” and “Condom Bingo.” There will also be “conversations” about “consent” and “sex communication.”

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The event post also includes a “Menstrual Product Drive,” sponsored by an initiative PERIOD@UWL. “PERIOD@UWL is collecting period products such as tampons, pads, liners, reusable underwear and menstrual cups during the month of March!”

In an article by student newspaper The Racquet Press, the president and founder of PERIOD@UWL, Juliette Moushon, explained that men can get periods. “It is important to note that we try to do everything with a very inclusive lens. So we do recognize that it is not only women who menstruate and not everyone who menstruates is a woman.”

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“This week of education is extremely valuable to the campus community because most students do not receive adequate sexual health education in middle or high school,” said Cassandra Worner, Coordinator of Student Wellness for the Student Life Office in her own piece published in The Racquet Press. “We aim to empower all students to make healthy decisions around sexual activity by providing unbiased, evidence-based, and truthful information.”

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