Prof: 'American exceptionalism is white supremacist’

  • A sociology professor at Stony Brook University declared that American exceptionalism is “white supremacist.”
  • She also said that America was founded on “genocide, settler colonialism, and slavery.”

Crystal Fleming, a sociology professor at Stony Brook University, says that the notion of American exceptionalism is “white supremacist.”

Fleming wrote in a recent tweet that “the Democrats' commitment to American exceptionalism and their need to maintain the fiction of 'democracy' prevents them from doing anything substantial to resist Republicans' flirtations with fascism and concerted efforts to disrupt the election.”

"I think there are a hell of a lot of liberals of all ethnic and racial backgrounds who still don't understand that their American exceptionalism is white supremacist."   


She criticized the Democratic establishment for failing to “admit defeat” electorally in a system that “reveals itself to be completely and utterly undemocratic.”


Later, she declared that liberals of all racial backgrounds “still don't understand that their American exceptionalism is white supremacist.”


Fleming also lamented the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Twitter, saying that she felt like she was being “trolled by the universe.” She plans to ask God “What is wrong with you?” as a result.


Fleming is the author of How to Be Less Stupid About Race: On Racism, White Supremacy and the Racial Divide. The book’s description says that Fleming draws upon “critical race theory, as well as her own experiences as a queer black millennial college professor and researcher” to discuss American misunderstandings about race “centuries after our nation was founded on genocide, settler colonialism, and slavery.”

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Recently, the Trump administration announced the 1776 Commission, which will explore ways to encourage patriotic education. This commission is largely in response to the increasingly popular view among American academics that the United States was founded on slavery.

Campus Reform reached out to Fleming and Stony Brook for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication. 

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