Employees at Biden’s alma mater donated $84,298 to his campaign, just $946 to Trump's

  • Employees at the University of Delaware donated $84,298 to Joe Biden's campaign.
  • U Delaware employees gave just $946 to Trump's re-election campaign.

Employees at the University of Delaware overwhelmingly donated to former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign between 2019 and 2020, according to an exclusive analysis by Campus Reform. The public data used to analyze the political leanings of faculty, staff, and administrators of the university, was obtained from the Federal Election Commission.

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According to a Campus Reform analysis, employees at the University of Delaware gave $84,298.56 to the Biden campaign, while giving just $946.31 to the Trump campaign. 

Among faculty members, Biden received $49,240.60. Administrators at the university gave $5,739.11 and $29,318.85 came from staff members.

Just $946.31 went to President Donald Trump, with $535 coming from faculty members and $411.11 came from staff members. No administrators donated to the Donald Trump campaign.

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Campus Reform previously analyzed data from the Federal Election Commission containing political donations at the University of California and Stanford University.

Employees at the University of California gave $62,106.32 to Harris’ 2020 presidential campaign, while employees at Stanford University gave $31,735.93.

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